25' Tape Measure w/ Laser Lens Design

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Patented Laser Lens Design

See the contact point of the laser from several floors away clearly in any lighting from any angle!

Works with any laser color

Field tested with lasers of all colors. In any angle and any lighting, see where the laser lines up clearly without hassle.

Designed By Glaziers

The patented Laser Lens design was perfected by trial and error and tested in the field by local 188 glazier in Seattle, WA.

See our feature in US Glass Magazine

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I only got so many bend overs a day, the Laser Lens keeps me from hitting that number

Jeremiah Jephson, glaziers local 188

This is a great product and something we will look at distributing in Australia, good job guys

Michael Murauer AU Glass Hardware

Glaziers have found ways around the issue by carrying a clear ruler or by putting tape on their tape measure, but that’s just another tool. This kills two birds with one stone since it functions as a normal tape measure as well.

Tristan Sheehan, Co Founder